Bachelor Thesis: Realtime Diffuse Global Illumination for dynamic scenes

I wrote my bachelor thesis on global illumination, specifically dealing with realtime implementations of diffuse GI algorithms for fully dynamic scenes (i.e. you can go bonkers with changing geometry, light sources, camera, etc.). The thesis isn’t perfect and lacks some useful evaluation (because I ran out of time), e.g. I didn’t look at how multiple light sources affect performance. But you should still get a good picture of performance, quality of the resulting images, and overview of the algorithms themselves.

The file below contains the VC++ project + all the source files. There is a readme in the folder describing what you need to build it, and where to look in the code for the stuff that probably interests you the most. This should be compilable linux/mac/etc. as well, since I (as far as I can recall) don’t use any platform specific code. But it lacks a cross-platform build system (e.g. cmake).

The file below also contains the compiled application for win32 platforms. It also contains the assets of the Crytek Sponza scene used (which are slightly changed since the original files were buggy). There’s a readme in the app folder that explains how to use the application (there are a few hotkeys involved).

And finally it also contains the thesis. A few of the references broke when I converted to PDF, and I don’t know how to fix it. It inserted the titles of referenced chapters and the text under figure references, which is quite annoying where it broke. But it’s only a couple of them, the rest should be fine.


Feel free to shoot me any questions you have about the thesis, or the code, or anything else.

WordPress doesn’t support the uploading of .zip files, so I renamed it to pdf. You can just changed it back to .zip in order to unpack it.


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